New Unit Sales
»Padmounts to 7500 kVA
»Dry types to 7500 kVA
»Substations from 500 kVA to 100 MVA
»Low and medium voltage switchgear

»Padmount, dry type and substation
»All equipment fully tested and painted
»Switchgear reconditioning
»Warranty for all reconditioning
Reconditioning Process

Transformer & Switchgear Components
»Arresters - Distribution, Intermediate, Station Class & Elbow
»Bushings - Distribution, Power and Custom Made Retrofit
»Gauges - Liquid Level, Liquid Temp, Winding Temp, Pressure Vacuum, Sudden Pressure Rise Relays, Pressure Relief Device
»Fans - For Dry Type or Liquid Filled Units
»Transformer Fluids - Mineral Oil, FR3, Silicone, R-Temp, Beta
»Rubber Goods - Inserts, Feed-Thru-Inserts, Elbows
»Cords and Connectors
»Replacement Radiators


»24/7 emergency service
»Leak repair and component replacement
»In-house and field repair
»Hard to find parts and accessories
»Resistance, TTR and power factor testing

»Emergency and planned outages—50  and 60 HZ
»Substation, padmount and dry type
»Switchgear rentals
»Generator step up/step down units
»Ideal for generator load testing


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