Sunbelt Transformer rents Medium-Voltage Cable and Low-Voltage Cam-Lok® Pigtails. We supply only shielded Type SH cable for durability and easier handling. This cable is specifically designed for temporary applications and comes pre-terminated with either two-hole lugs (stress cones) or an assortment of load break or dead break elbow connectors.

We also supply low-voltage (600 volt and below) Cam-Lok® Pigtails to be used in conjunction with your Cam-Lok equipped cable. These Cam-Loks are designed to come preinstalled on our rental transformers and switchgear.


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Medium-voltage cable

  • Type SH shielded cable
  • Extremely durable
  • 5/15 kV sizes at 1/0 and 4/0
  • 35 kV sized at 1/0
  • Various terminations available (two hole lugs, 200 amp load break elbows, 600 amp dead break elbows)
  • 50- and 100-foot sections

Low-voltage cable

  • 600 volt (and below)
  • Size 4/0- good for 400 amps in free air
  • Male or Female Cam-Lok® on one end with bare cable on the other
  • Designed to be supplied pre-terminated to our transformer/switchgear for use with your Cam-Lok® equipped cable
  • Loose pigtails also available for customer supplied switchgear, etc.