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Oil-filled overhead transformers are the go-to product for stepping utility distribution voltages down to lower voltages. Our large stock of both rebuilt and new single-phase units is well-suited for distribution applications, especially residential and light commercial applications, as well as larger industrial applications.

  • Single phase KVA ranges from 1 – 500 KVA
  • Distribution and industrial applications
  • CSP & conventonial styles

Standard Features

  • Lifting lugs
  • ANSI support lugs
  • Low-voltage neutral grounding strap
  • Oil Fill plug with cover ground strap

Optional Features

  • Arresters
  • FR3 Fluid
  • Internal Fault Detectors
  • Wildlife Guards
  • Storm Trappers
  • Custom Tap Ranges

Comprehensive & Highly Vetted Solutions

The benefits of remanufactured polemounted transformers


Sunbelt Solomon REMAN polemounted transformers are the “gold standard” of remanufactured using industry-leading, recondition, design, and winding practices. Each REMAN product must meet or exceed the testing standards set by ANSI.

Lead Time

REMAN polemounted transformers are offered at a shorter lead time than NEW. They are uniquely positioned to accommodate emergency requests.


We are able to provide customized solutions for each unique challenge. Our team is flexible and knowledgeable and can provide customized design, guidance, and support while reacting rapidly to requests.

Rental Options

Keep your business running.

Sunbelt Solomon offers a variety of customizable and flexible rental options for polemounted transformers and other electrical equipment. Whether you need short-term rentals during times of emergency; or are looking for a long-term rental solution, you can rely on our team for quick, dependable service.

Rent vs. Buy

Our Priority is Your Power

A unique, unrivaled service.

Sunbelt Solomon is confident in the success of every REMAN® transformer we provide. It’s why we back our polemounted transformers 100%, providing an industry-leading 3-year warranty (compared to a baseline 1-year warranty on standard equipment).

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Meet Sunbelt Solomon

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As a leader in the power industry, Sunbelt Solomon offers more services and products than any other single manufacturer in the nation. We feature the industry’s best lead times on refurbished, rewound, and new polemounted transformers. In addition, we offer all the following services:

  • Distribution transformers
  • Voltage regulators
  • Reclosers
  • Rental options
  • In-service repair
  • Field service maintenance
  • Emergency services
  • Recycling and disposal