Contingency Program

Transformers are a key link in the chain of critical equipment that keeps your operations moving.

Business insurance and IS9000 certification require contingency plans to be in place for critical functions. Contingency planning involves asking yourself what could go wrong for every aspect of your business, and then preparing an action plan for what you will do if that happens.

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When your transformer stops, so does business. When you’re facing a repair job that’s too big for the field, Sunbelt is uniquely positioned to provide quick turnaround on in-house repairs, and we can even provide a rental transformer while we get yours back to full operation.

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Coil Rewind

Save and time and money with a coil rewind!

In certain cases, transformer inoperability is a result of a failed coil due to an external cause, such as a lightning strike, or moisture or some other contaminant in the tank. While the coil has failed, everything else is viable and can be reused, including the core, tank, head frame, and bushings.

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