Substation Transformer Specs

  • Up to 60 MVA base
  • Voltages through 230 kV (650 kV BIL)
  • NEMA and ANSI standards
  • Built-to-order or from stock with modifications available


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Standard Features
  • No-Load Tap Changer when required
  • Dial-Type Thermometer
  • Secondary Spade Connectors
  • Drain Valve or Combination Drain and Sampler Valve
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Upper Filter Press Connection
  • NEMA Two-Hole Ground Pad
  • Stainless Steel Nameplate
  • Provision for Jacking and Lifting
  • Base Suitable for Rolling or Skidding
  • Reinforced Steel Plate Tank
  • Externally Clamped High- and Low-Voltage Bushings
  • Welded Cover with Handhole
  • Construction
  • Full Vacuum-Rated Tank on Larger Power Units
  • Cylindrical or Rectangular Coil Design Depending on kVA Rating and Voltage
  • Distributive Gap or Mitered Silicone-Steel Core
Optional Features
  • High Fire Point Fluid
  • 50 HZ Frequency
  • 55/65°C Temperature Rise
  • Sudden Pressure Relay
  • Pressure Vacuum Gauge (also with Bleeder)
  • Pressure Relief Device
  • Winding Temp Indicator
  • Secondary Molded-Case Breaker
  • Lightning Arresters
  • CTs and PTs
  • Gauges and Contacts
  • Fans and Controls
  • Provisions for Fans and Controls
  • Primary Load Interrupter