Short- and Long-term Transformer Rentals For:

  • Padmount, substation, and dry-type transformers
  • Cable: 5, 15, and 35 kV
  • 4/0 Cam-Lok® pigtails (up to 600-volt)
  • Low and medium voltage fused and non-fused disconnects
  • Low and medium voltage breakers
  • I-line panels
  • Mobile substations
  • 50/60 Hz-most voltages


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When contacting Sunbelt for rental services, be sure to know your transformer:

  • Type – Dry-type, Padmount (tamper-resistant), or Substation Style (with or without air terminal chambers
  • kVA size – See our Amperage Chart to select kVA size based on amperage requirements
  • Voltages – Primary and secondary
  • Vectors – Delta-Wye, Wye-Delta, Delta-Delta, Wye-Wye